Our AIOps way of working is next. Take a bunch of data, Terabytes, Petabytes... (Big Data) send them in a tube (Kafka, Pulsar, RabbitMq), connect different microservices to the tube to process and analyze specific data (Artificial Intelligence) and when everything is processed send the data (status, predictions, analysis, RCA,…) in a real time to the user interface (Virtual Reality 3D). This is the magic of AIOps that we create for you.

Big Data and Analytics

How many data we loose daily? How many data we do not use wisely? How many data we have, and we do not know anything about them? Stop not knowing and use your data in the best possible way. Through our solutions we take all the data that is in your network, analyze them and present you analytics and predictions that are relevant for your business.

Digital Transformation

Digitize yourself! You want your business to be fast, flexible and reliable? Then it is the time to remove manual and repetitive work done by employees. More then 50% of companies who did not adopt to fast changing environments have disappeared. Don´t let this happen to you. Use us as your digital partner to help you digitize your business.

Software Development

Full software development cycle is what we provide. Analyze the request, create architecture and design, develop, integrate, test and run, simple as that. Wide expertises in different programming languages give us possibility to support different types of industries and their requests. Our strongest skills are developed in Java, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, Scala.

Cloud Automation

As cloud usage today is at its peak, lots of things in side of the cloud are still done manually. As it is well known we are against manual work. Therefore, we have created automated cloud. If you need to create specific server, machine, processor with one click you will be able to do it. If your cloud is crashed, no worries with one click you restore your cloud and recreate your virtual machines. Cloudomation, just a click away.


Give virtual life to all electronic components is our goal. Create virtual twin, make him alive, connect it with the automated cloud, establish communication with the main server (UI) and with other electronic devices. When communication is established, we track the status of connected devices, its performance, analytics, predictions and all this present in high tech virtual reality environment. Industry 4.0 at its finest.



Big Data

Data Engineering & Data Analytics (Batch Processing, Real Time Processing, Persistence)

Tools that we use for Big Data manipulation:
Hadoop (HDFS) • NiFi • Flink • Spark • Storm • Kafka • RabbitMQ • Kafka Streams • Solr • ElasticSearch • MongoDB • Apache Cassandra • ClickHouse • Neo4J • InfluxDB

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous RCA - Root cause analysis & Predictive Analytics

Tools that we use for creating Artificial Intelligence:
Tensorflow • Theano • Keras • Scikit-learn • NLTK • Weka • CLUS • IBM Watson

Data Management

Observability and monitoring & Custom visualization technologies

Tools that makes data representation cool:
WebGL: three.js, babylon.js, D3.js • General web technologies: node.js, angular.js, react.js • Monitoring tools: Kibana, Grafana • Prometheus, Graphite • Interactive analytics: Tableau • JMX

Computer Vision

Augmented Reality

Tools that makes things alive:
OpenCV • AForge.NET • Accord.NET • ARToolKit • Unity3d


Containerization & Orchestration & Automation

Tools that makes cloud automated:
Apache Ambari • Docker • Kubernetes • YARN • Mezos • Ansible

Six Sigma

We use Six Sigma methodology to improve processes, increase performance and to stay on the right track with projects and businesses.

Tools that keeps us in the right direction:
5 Whys • Value Stream Mapping • Regression Analysis • Pareto Chart • Kaizen


(Banking and Insurance)
Manufacturing (IoT)


DataFlux - Soon we will present reengineered way of working with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Interested? Stay tuned.

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You are different, visionary, people do not understand you, you see what other cannot see? You are perfect for us. Contact us in every form you want (video, photo, code, document...) and we will do our best to raise your craziness to the next level.


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